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   Dali Science & Technology Group is specialized in the design, production and sales of burglary resistant security door, metal entrance door, steel interior door, fire resistant steel door, fire resistant steel-wood door, armored door, etc., but also a large group company with self-export right. The total investment capital of the group is more than 170 million yuan and the total assets are more than 1 billion yuan with more than 400 million yuan fixed assets, more than 500 million yuan current assets and more than 100 million yuan other assets. The company covers an area of 150,000 square meters and has over 2,000 employees, of which, there are more than 200 technicians. With eight world’s advanced modern door production lines, the annual production capacity of all kinds of security doors and fire resistant doors reaches 1 million.
  The group annually invests 6 million yuan in the advertisement on China CCTV-NEWS, CCTV -2 during the hot TV advertising time to help promote Dali Brand.
  Subsidiaries of the group: Zhejiang Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wankang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., Wuyi Dali Door Industry Co., Ltd., Wuyi Haiheng Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wuyi Jujin Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  Dali Science & Technology Group has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification; the fire resistant door products have passed the national fire safety certification in 2003; the group is named Yongkang backbone enterprise and has gained the self-managed export right in 2006; passed the CE certification in March, 2007 and has been identified as the provincial science and technology type small and medium-sized enterprise in December, 2007; in June, 2008, it has been awarded the title of “the most potential investment enterprise of Zhejiang Business' and in December, 2008, the security door of “Daxi' brand of the group has been rated Zhejiang famous brand products; the company has passed the certificate of “China's environmental label products' in September, 2009 and security door of “Daxi' brand is rated as Zhejiang regional famous brand products; the trademark of “Daxi' has been identified as Zhejiang famous trademark in December, 2010; in May, 2011, “Daxi' brand has been awarded the first China door industry (steel door) ten golden awards evaluated by China Construction Metal Structure Association, China Association of Decorative Building Materials and China Industry Newspaper Association together; “Dali-Daxi' brand has been awarded the top-ten brands for 2011 China burglary resistant door and fire resistant door evaluated by CNPP and Top-Ten Brand Website in  June, 2011; Chai Wensheng, president of the company, has been appointed as the deputy director of China Construction Metal Structure Association Steel Wood Doors and Windows Committee in June, 2011; Dali Science & Technology Group is the national affordable housing construction excellent supplier evaluated by the China Construction Materials Circulation Association in August, 2011; the burglary resistant door and fire resistant door of the company has passed the comfortable housing certification attested by Beijing Kang-Ju Construction Parts Certification Center in May, 2012; continuously wins many honors like “tax superior enterprise', 'AAA grade credit enterprise', 'advanced'enterprise",etc. over the years.
  Over the just passed 2014, Dali Science & Technology Group achieves a lot! The performance grows 35% and the company obtains all the awards in the industry, including the security door top ten brands, fire resistant door top ten brands, optimizing brand of real estate general construction…President Chai has been invited to the CCTV Dialogue of Influence, which the first company in China door industry who is invited to this columns interview.
  In the year of 2015, Dali Group will further increase investment, improve production capacity, and move towards a higher goal.

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